Jacht Agency celebrates diversity and inclusion through Anchor Week activities

Monday, December 14, 2020 - 11:15am

In November 2020, the Jacht Agency launched Anchor Week, an annual week-long celebration of diversity and inclusion.


“Diversity and inclusion have always been strong pillars of Jacht," said Jemalyn Griffin, Jacht director and assistant professor of practice. “This week gives students the opportunity to recognize and learn more about diversity and inclusion and recognize those values among their peers.” 


The inaugural Anchor Week was held Nov. 2-6, 2020. One highlight of the week was a presentation and training session from D.A. Graham on how to achieve social justice through nonviolent communication. Graham is a professor of communications, professional trainer and conflict coach.


Other events throughout the week included a mini Husker Dialogues session to allow students to engage in meaningful conversations with one another and a social hour to continue the conversation.


“Anchor Week is important to Jacht because it represents what anchors us, our dedication to inclusivity. Without diversity of thought, work ethic and background, we wouldn’t champion the vivacious work culture that we do,” said Brennan Splichal, an account executive serving on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.


Jacht Agency is a full-service, student-run advertising agency through the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. It provides students with real-world experience that builds on classroom instruction by giving students opportunities to work with various clients in an advertising agency setting.

D.A. Graham speaks to Jacht students during Anchor Week