Jacht Ad Lab welcomes new crew for Spring 2015

Jacht Ad Lab welcomes new crew for Spring 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 6:00pm
Jacht Ad Lab class members spring 2015
Jacht Ad Lab class members spring 2015

Jacht Ad Lab, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications interdisciplinary student ad agency, announced 26 students selected for the spring 2015 crew.  A unique hybrid of a class and a business, Jacht gives University of Nebraska–Lincoln students the opportunity to run all aspects of an ad agency. Mentorship and support from Nebraska Global and local ad agencies Bailey Lauerman and Swanson Russell have helped to propel Jacht into an entrepreneurial startup.  

Students participating this semester were chosen from across the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus through a highly competitive process that included resume and portfolio reviews as well as interviews with Jacht faculty and student staff. 

“Our applicant pool continues to grow as Jacht’s reputation for a great learning experience reaches across the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus,” said Associate Professor of Advertising and Public Relations Amy Struthers, who founded Jacht and acts as the lead faculty member at the student ad lab. “These students represent some of the most motivated, directed and passionate young adults in our campus community.” 

Students utilize their skills and knowledge to work with real clients such as the Shrine Bowl of Nebraska, the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra, the Child Advocacy Center, Finke Gardens, Lighthouse, Nebraska Dairy Association, Travefy, Bright Lights and the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

“Jacht provides a unique opportunity for us, as students, to work in a real business setting for clients with actual problems and demands,” student Chief Executive Officer Kaylan Maloley said, “We are learning how to think strategically, build relationships, manage deadlines and solve challenging problems. It is an invaluable experience.”

Jacht students represent a variety of majors including accounting, advertising and public relations, journalism, marketing, graphic design, film and new media, broadcasting, economics, finance and business administration. The agency seeks out students from all colleges to bring together highly motivated and passionate students who are excited about applying their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting.

Jacht students are led by Struthers and Jacht’s three consultants: Sandra Cranny, former senior executive vice president and chief communications officer at Bailey Lauerman; Ryan Holt, associate art director at Swanson Russell; and Brian Reid, director at W2O Group headquartered in San Francisco.

Jacht’s Spring 2015 crew and hometowns:

Charlsie Bastian, Arlington, Nebraska

Kent Beal, Omaha, Nebraska

Tony Bertino, Omaha, Nebraska

Kevin Buglewicz, Papillion, Nebraska

Jake Bunger, Kearney, Nebraska

Anna English, Springfield, Missouri

Yoni Gill, Omaha, Nebraska

Jennifer Harris, Clayton, Delaware

Jordan Lambrecht, Omaha, Nebraska

Katrine Limseth, Oslo, Norway

Kaylan Maloley, Omaha, Nebraska

Hannah Nelson-Tyrrell, Lincoln, Nebraska

Mickey Pike, Omaha, Nebraska

Gretchen Pille, Papillion, Nebraska

Beau Poehlman, Lincoln, Nebraska

Katie Rueb, Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Laine Sanburg, Lincoln, Nebraska

Connor Shapiro, Denver, Colorado

Stacie Sikora, Overland Park, Kansas

Emma Thomas, Rapid City, South Dakota

Amanda Walla, Lincoln, Nebraska

Tiffany Wieser, Columbus, Nebraska

Anna Wilson, Parker, Colorado

About Jacht:

Jacht launched in the fall of 2010 as the College of Journalism and Mass Communications' first student advertising agency. Youthful passion for experimentation with social media, digital production, mobile media and other emerging technologies generates a unique student “ad lab” experience that yields professional and engaging strategies. Jacht offers clients professional solutions to communications issues while allowing students to learn, explore, analyze and test fresh ideas within the constantly evolving advertising industry.

Learn more about Jacht at www.jacht.agency