Jacht Ad Lab Welcomes Biggest Summer Crew Ever

Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 7:00pm

Jacht Ad Lab, the College of Journalism and Mass Communications’ student run ad agency, is taking it to the next level this summer with their largest summer group yet. The summer crew is working in Jacht’s new space located in Lincoln’s historic Haymarket at 151 North 8th Street.

Students participating in Jacht this summer were selected through a rigorous process that included a resume and portfolio review, and an interview with Jacht faculty and student leadership. 

“This crew was selected from our largest applicant pool yet, with more than 70 students from across the University of Nebraska-Lincoln competing for a handful of spots,” said Associate Professor of Advertising and Public Relations Amy Struthers, founder and director of Jacht. “These students represent some of the most motivated, directed and passionate young adults in our campus community.”

Jacht students have included majors in accounting, advertising and public relations, graphic design, journalism, film and new media, broadcasting, economics, finance, marketing and business administration. The agency seeks to reach out across the university campus to bring together highly motivated students from any major who are passionate about applying their knowledge and skills to the advertising and public relations fields.

As a unique education/startup hybrid, Jacht provides students with the real-world experience of running an ad agency. Mentorship and support from investment group Nebraska Global and local ad agencies Bailey Lauerman and Swanson Russell have quickly propelled Jacht into a self-sustaining entrepreneurial startup.

Jacht summer clients include the Nebraska Shrine Bowl, the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Child Advocacy Center, Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company, The Foreman Foundation, the Association of Students at University of Nebraska-Lincoln (ASUN) and the College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Jacht’s Summer 2014 crew and hometowns:

ARLINGTON: Charlsie Bastian, advertising/public relations and marketing 

EAGLE: Sydney Noonan, advertising/public relations

FORT CALHOUN: Kaitlyn Nelsen, advertising/public relations and art

FREMONT: Jessica Conrad, advertising/public relations; Katherine Ringenberg, advertising/public relations

LAVISTA: Chris Svoboda, advertising/public relations

LINCOLN: Alex Albers, advertising/public relations; Sophie Connot, art and communication studies; Megan Freese, advertising/public relations; Brendon Henning, marketing; Ella Leupold, advertising/public relations

OMAHA: Steph Goodman, advertising/public relations; Clint Hofeldt, advertising/public relations and history; Ryan Koenig, advertising/public relations; Liz Maloley, management and marketing; Rhett Muller, advertising/public relations and journalism; Will Stott, environmental studies and journalism

PAPILLION: Nora Williams, advertising/public relations

TEKAMAH: Christian Andrew, marketing 

BLOOMINGTON, MINN.: Jeff Bayard, advertising/public relations 

CHEONGJU, SOUTH KOREA: Yujeong Kim, advertising/public relations

GERMANTOWN, WIS.: Kimi Panagis, advertising/public relations 

Jacht Ad Lab began in the fall of 2010 as the College of Journalism and Mass Communications’ student advertising and public relations agency. With youthful energy and passion for the newest communication platforms and tools, Jacht combines educational coursework with a self- sustaining business. Jacht offers its clients professional services ranging from strategic branding to video, digital design and social media. Learn more about Jacht at www.jacht.agency.

Jacht Ad Lab Summer 2014 students