Haley Wineman: Student Spotlight

Haley Wineman: Student Spotlight

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 - 1:45pm



Advertising and Public Relations


Expected Graduation Year




I transferred to the University of Nebraska and the College of Journalism after my sophomore year. I was previously studying Business and Marketing and realized that I was more interested in the client-facing, creative and problem-solving aspect of Advertising and Public Relations. The students and faculty that I met on my visits to campus really solidified my decision as they all were so obviously devoted to their work and pursuing their passions.

Jemalyn Griffin has made a huge impact on my life as a student at the College of Journalism. I first had her as a professor in my ADPR238 class and was immediately inspired by the way she held her students up to the highest standard while encouraging us to reach heights that we haven't before. Now I work with her at Jacht and learn more about managing clients and teams every day.

My favorite class I am taking this year is Jacht Ad Lab. Jacht is unlike any other class or capstone in the College of Journalism because we get to work with real clients and experience agency life before graduating.

Currently, I work as a Marketing Coordinator at KidGlov here in Downtown Lincoln. Out of all of my internships during my time at CoJMC, working KidGlov has most rigorously tested the skills that I have developed in classes as well as taught me how to deal with real-life situations and deadlines. I have also worked at The University of Nebraska State Museum and held other positions at KidGlov and Jacht Ad Lab.

When I was a Junior in high school I studied at a boarding school in Kristiansand, Norway for 1 month. While abroad, my eyes were opened to not only varying avenues of study but also to the diverse World we all live in. I value my time abroad greatly and will take the lessons I learned in and out of class into the rest of my life.

I am currently raising 4 baby peacocks who hatched at the beginning of September.

Are you working on any special projects?

Finding a job after graduation ;)

Post-graduation I am planning on moving to Madison, Wisconsin to work at an advertising agency as an account coordinator.

I have wanted to work on the accounts side at an advertising agency as long as I can remember...that or a dolphin trainer.

My favorite class at CoJMC has been Jacht Ad Lab because of all the diverse points of view and access to work with real clients. Outside of CoJMC has been Psychology of Personality. Psych of Personality taught me about the internal and external processes that make up the decisions that people make when interacting with others.

the vast network of professional support

Advice for a new CoJMC student?

Don't be afraid to fail! It's where you learn life's most important lessons.

Haley Wineman: Student Spotlight
Haley Wineman: Student Spotlight