Grace Gorenflo: Student Spotlight

Grace Gorenflo: Student Spotlight

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 7:00pm

Grace's Student Profile

Hometown City: Shawnee
State / Province: KS
Country: United States
Year Junior
Major(s) Journalism
Minor(s) Business, Communication
Expected Graduation Year 2021
Twitter handle @gorenwiththeflo
Instagram handle justgorenwiththeflo
Why did you choose to come to Nebraska and specifically the College of Journalism? Being from Kansas City, UNL is a great balance of homely but different. I'm not too far from home, and Nebraska isn't too drastically different than where I'm from. It was, however, different enough that I had an adaption period, which taught me a lot about myself.

I also heard really good things about UNL's journalism program, and Joe Weber made a great impression when I toured.
Who at Nebraska has helped you be successful? Is there a professor who has made a big impact on your education? Jill Martin is like my journalism guardian angel. I got to know her when she was my editing professor in Fall 2018, and now I see her as a friend and a mentor. I relate to her, respect her and really look up to her for all of her accomplishments. She's pushed me to reach higher, and her advice has led me to awesome opportunities.
What classes are you taking this year? Any you're most excited for? I'm unfortunately not taking any journalism classes this semester so I'm going to have to go with no on this one.
Describe your current job/internship. Are there any other internships you've had throughout your time at CoJMC? Currently, I'm an assistant news editor for The Daily Nebraskan and a reporter for Land-Grant Connects.

This past summer, I was an editorial intern for a magazine in Kansas City called 435. There, I wrote several features, including one 6-week investigation into a fraudulent condo developer.

I also spent Fall 2018 as a reporting fellow for the Omaha World-Herald where I was on the Friday night breaking news shift.
Have you studied abroad—where, when, favorite city and memory? At the beginning of this past summer, I spent three weeks in Seattle which was incredible because I plan to move there after graduation.

Additionally, I am traveling to Luxembourg this winter break to receive dual citizenship.
Are there any organizations you're involved in on or off campus? Any other hobbies? Though I am a writer by trade, I have a pretty deep love for graphic design. I love to design posters as personal projects, and I'm considering starting a page on a website like Society6 or Redbubble.
Throw out a fun (maybe quirky) fact about you. I love editing so much I edit my friends' essays (for fun).
Are you working on any special projects? I think Land-Grant Connects is pretty special!
I'm also still following up on my condo story.
Do you have any post graduation plans? If not don't stress—what would you like to do? Moving to Seattle is about the only plan I have. The dream is to either work for the Seattle Times or KUOW, Seattle's NPR affiliate. If not, I'll look into free lancing.

My pipe dream is to own a small publication somewhere in Colorado (where my family is).
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? For most of my childhood I wanted to be a teacher, but I think I was most drawn to the leadership aspect, and I still am. By fifth grade I had an interest in journalism and by high school I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life.
What has been your favorite class at CoJMC? What about one outside of CoJMC? In the COJMC, my favorite class has either been Reporting 1 or Editing 1. I took reporting 1 as a freshman, which is rare, and I successfully came out onto the other side. Though it was very challenging at times, it showed me that I really could do this journalism thing. I owe most of that confidence to my professor, Joe Weber.
Editing I loved because 1. Jill Martin and 2. I'm a total geek for editing so I genuinely found it fun.
Fill in the blank: "The best thing about being a Husker is ___________________." being part of a caring community. I feel like everyone from our professors to our administration really does fight for us to succeed.
Advice for a new CoJMC student? Make friends with your professors. The COJMC professors have the know-how and the connections to make things happen for you. If they're impressed by you or even just like you, you'll have them in your corner, and having them in your corner will help you excel more than you can imagine.
Grace Gorenflo: Student Spotlight
Grace Gorenflo: Student Spotlight