CoJMC announces fall 2021 graduate assistants

Friday, May 14, 2021 - 2:45pm

The  College of Journalism and Mass Communications will welcome 11 graduate assistants in fall 2021. Graduate assistantships in the CoJMC are offered to promising scholars with an interest in gaining teaching, research or industry experience in their field. Graduate assistants serve as teaching or research assistants to accomplished faculty, teach in the college’s innovative Design Communication Program or work in strategic communications for an industry partner. 

Graduate assistantships provide a monthly stipend, as well as tuition remission and health insurance for accepted students. The following graduate program students, listed with their program and hometown, were offered graduate assistantships for the fall 2021 semester.

First Name Last Name Master's Specialization Hometown
Jasmine Alexander Integrated Media Communications Omaha, NE
Rafael Maschieri Bicudo Integrated Media Communications Brazil
Mia Everding Professional Journalism Lincoln, NE
Iman Farid Integrated Media Communications Lincoln, NE
Michaela  Farley Integrated Media Communications Omaha, NE
Whitney Koehn Integrated Media Communications Elmwood, NE
Tabitha Kube Integrated Media Communications Norfolk, VA
Emily Morrow Integrated Media Communications O'Neill, NE
Margaret Nongo-Okojokwu Integrated Media Communications Akowonjo Lagos, Nigeria
David  Ornelas Integrated Media Communications Lincoln, NE
Chandra Traxler Integrated Media Communications Saint Joseph, MO

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications offers a master's degree with specializations in professional journalism or integrated media communications and two graduate certificates in public relations and social media and financial communications. To learn more about the college's graduate programs visit the college's website

Fall 2021 Graduate Assistants