CoJMC graduate uses alumni channels to network and secure job

CoJMC graduate uses alumni channels to network and secure job

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 11:15am
Piette and Weber, The History Factory
Marissa Piette, left, played an active role in recruiting Grant Weber to join The History Factory in Washington D.C.

Upon graduation, students face the daunting task of finding a job that will kick-start their careers. The process of finding and applying for positions across the country can be overwhelming for new applicants. But connecting with fellow Husker alumni can make the process easier and less painful for new graduates.

Marissa Piette and Grant Weber are two graduates from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications who used their common Husker bond as a powerful networking and recruitment tool. Piette, who graduated in 2009, played an active role in recruiting Weber, who graduated in 2014, for a position at The History Factory in Washington D.C. Piette and Weber both majored in advertising and public relations and minored in history while students at the CoJMC.

“I’ve seen a very high caliber of professionals come from the CoJMC,” Piette said. “I know that students who graduate from the program are going to be solid applicants.”

Piette, who is the director of client strategy and development, has been at The History Factory since 2012. This non-traditional agency works with brands to capture, preserve and leverage their history and create a strategic advertising and public relations plan. As one of the only firms in the country to use this strategy, they help brands with corporate culture and brand story telling.

Piette recruited Weber through various University of Nebraska–Lincoln alum channels, including Jacht Ad Lab and the National Student Advertising Competition alumni Facebook group. Weber reached out to Piette about the position via Facebook to learn more about the agency. After chatting, they decided the digital marketing manager position would be a good fit for Weber.

“No one stressed the importance of connecting with alums while I was in school,” Weber said. “I’ve learned that it’s important to reach out and ask for help. Just asking for help sets you apart from everyone else and people are normally willing to give you advice.”

While Piette played a huge role in recruiting Weber, she has also played a big role in helping him get settled in D.C.

“She has helped with places to live and eat,” Weber said. “It’s nice to have someone who is also from the Midwest because the culture of D.C. is very different. We both have the same strong Midwest work ethic.”

Both Piette and Weber expressed the importance of keeping an open mind through the job search process.

“When I was in school I wanted to work at the top agency with the best brands in the world,” Piette said. “And now I get to do that at The History Factory. It might not be a traditional agency, but I’m still doing the kind of work that I've always wanted to do. There is so much opportunity out there if you're willing to expand your options.”