Barney McCoy’s Research cited at World Conference in Istanbul

Friday, August 14, 2015 - 7:00pm

University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications associate professor Barney McCoy’s paper on digital distractions was cited in a published paper delivered in May at the World Conference on Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Istanbul.

“It’s exciting to see this research cited, shared and discussed globally,” said McCoy. “It describes digital device behavior that affect so many people.”

McCoy’s paper “Digital Distractions in the Classroom: Student Classroom Use of Digital Devices for Non-Class Related Purposes” was originally published in the Journal of Media Education in October 2013. It has been downloaded internationally more than 9,000 times in the last two years.

McCoy’s research, which looks at the effects of digital devices in classrooms and how they distract from learning, was cited in Sakaraya University’s Naciye Guliz Ugur and Tugba Koc’s paper “Digital Detox: Misuse of Mobile Technology and Phubbing.” Phase II of the McCoy’s digital distractions research will be published in early 2016.

Before arriving at University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 2006, McCoy was a full-time journalist, working for news outlets in Kansas, Ohio and Michigan. McCoy has received six regional Emmy awards.

CoJMC Associate Professor Barney McCoy
CoJMC Associate Professor Barney McCoy