Adam Wagler and Dane Kiambi take home top advertising awards

Adam Wagler and Dane Kiambi take home top advertising awards

Sunday, August 10, 2014 - 7:00pm
Wagler and Kiambi
Wagler and Kiambi

Two University of Nebraska–Lincoln advertising and public relations professors took home two top awards in the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Education advertising division’s paper competition. The awards were presented at the AEJMC’s annual convention in Montréal in August. 

 “Teach Like They Build It: A User Experience Approach to Interactive Media in Advertising Education,” by Adam Wagler, received the advertising division’s top teaching paper award.

Dane Kiambi won the International Communication Division’s Best Paper Award for Journalism Research for his paper titled, “Country Reputation Management: Developing a Scale for Measuring the Reputation of Four African Countries in the United States.” Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies established the award in 2003 to promote research in global journalism, which enhances and enriches understanding of international news flow, news theory, media ethics, media education, gender, and race, as well as specific topics, such as the media and AIDS.

Wagler, an assistant professor, is a doctoral candidate at University of Nebraska–Lincoln in Instructional Technology with an emphasis in informal learning using emerging technologies.

Kiambi, an assistant professor, has a keen interest in the role and impact of public relations and strategic communications in fostering democracy, good governance, economic growth and healthy lifestyles, particularly in the developing world. He graduated with a doctorate from Texas Tech University in August 2013.

Additionally, four advertising and public relations professors presented papers and research at AEJMC’s annual convention.

• Assistant professor Ming Wang with associate professor Amy Struthers presented “Health Buzz at School: Evaluations of a Statewide Teen Health Campaign.” 

• Assistant professor Valerie Jones presented “Educating the Next-Generation Don Draper.” 

• Advertising and public relations sequence head and professor Frauke Hachtmann, with former graduate student Abigail Bartholomew, presented “Connecting Science to Advertising: How John B. Watson Laid the Foundation of Behavioral Targeting.”

• Associate professor Amy Struthers and assistant professor Ming Wang presented “Buzz Agents and a Teen Public Health Social Marketing Campaign: Impact on Attitudes and Behaviors.” 

In addition, Hachtmann was a panelist on a teaching panel, titled “Sports Journalism and Communication: Responding to Student Demand.” 


As a bridge between academia and the professional community, the Advertising Division serves the advertising industry today and tomorrow. The division hosts five paper competitions (research, teaching, PF&R, special topics, and student) and presents three awards (for the top faculty paper, top student paper, and outstanding professional service) at AEJMC annual conventions. It runs a pre-conference workshop annually on advertising teaching, and publishes the Journal of Advertising Education and AdNews, a divisional newsletter.