13 CoJMC faculty and staff honored by UNL Parents Association

13 CoJMC faculty and staff honored by UNL Parents Association

Monday, February 6, 2017 - 3:45pm
Group photo
Eleven of the thirteen CoJMC faculty and staff posed for a photo with their certificate of recognition. Back row, from left to right: Alan Eno, Joe Starita, Brandon Nutting, Sue Bullard, Rick Alloway, Bruce Thorson and Dane Kiambi, Front row, from left to right: Joe Weber, Amy Struthers, Jill Arth and Kelli Britten. Not pictured: Phyllis Larsen and Matt Waite.

by Savanah Baker

The UNL Parents Association honored 13 faculty and staff from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications for their contribution to students. Each honoree received the Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students presented at an annual recognition ceremony on Friday, Feb. 3. The ceremony was organized by the Division of Student Affairs and co-sponsored by the UNL Teaching Council and UNL Parents Association.

Associate Professor Rick Alloway received his 24th award at this year’s ceremony.

“This, I think, is one of the coolest things a faculty or staff member on campus can receive,” Alloway said. “The fact that somebody took the time to say ‘Hey, thank you for what you do,’ is incredibly rewarding and meaningful to all of us who get that award.”

The UNL Parents Association sends out postcards to the parents of currently enrolled undergraduate students asking them to nominate faculty/staff who have made a difference to their student. This year, 225 faculty and staff from across the university were recognized.

Tonda Humphress, project coordinator for the vice chancellor for student affairs, said, “When talking to the parents about this award, they tell me it is important to them, especially the out-of-state parents, to know that their child has someone they can go to if they are feeling lost, homesick or just need some help. They truly value the efforts these faculty and staff make to support their student and to help them succeed.”

Assistant Professor Brandon Nutting received his first award this year, after only a semester at the CoJMC.

“It’s great to know that somebody is already noticing you at a larger place,” Nutting said.

Nutting also said that with 13 faculty and staff from the CoJMC receiving the award, it shows the CoJMC’s commitment to its students.

“It means we all care about students and obviously make an impact on them,” Nutting said. “It shows that we take the time to get to know them…and I think the professors here care about the students.”

Alloway agreed. “I think it speaks to the culture of the college,” he said. “(When) Neale Copple was the head of the program, he would without fail, hire people who he thought were advocates for his students and who would look out for students and…help them be the best they could be.”

The full list of CoJMC faculty and staff who received the Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students is below and the number indicates the number of times they have received the award:

  • Rick Alloway (24)
  • Jill Arth (3)
  • Kelli Britten (2)
  • Sue Bullard (1)
  • Alan Eno (1)
  • Dane Kiambi (1)
  • Phyllis Larsen (10)
  • Brandon Nutting (1)
  • Joe Starita (4)
  • Amy Struthers (9)
  • Bruce Thorson (5)
  • Matt Waite (2)
  • Joe Weber (1)