New Student Enrollment

New Student Enrollment

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Welcome to Nebraska

Dear incoming students,

Welcome to the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We are so excited that you have chosen to make UNL your home for your undergraduate degree. Here at CoJMC, you will be hands-on from day one as you work with world-renowned faculty to gain the skills and knowledge you'll need to succeed in your future career and beyond.

The CoJMC advising team will be with you every step of the way. We are here to help support and guide you as you learn and grow into the outstanding professionals of tomorrow. Never hesitate to reach out, seek help, ask questions, or just chat. We can't wait to get to know you and see all the great things you will accomplish as a student here in CoJMC.

Welcome to Nebraska. Go Big Red! - Andrea, Anne and Bridgett

First Steps

Steps to take before 1-1 advising meeting:

  1. Check your email throughout the summer for instructions on scheduling your appointment with your adviser. The email will come from one of the CoJMC academic advisers, Anne McConkey, Andrea Gaghagen, or Bridgett Grant.
  2. Complete your Advising Inventory and Math Placement Exam (both can be found in your MyRed account)
  3. Once you schedule your appointment, please review the New Student Enrollment 2020 video.
  4. Attend your appointment to discuss your Fall 2020 schedule.
  5. You will be enrolled in your Fall 2020 classes 7-10 days after your scheduled NSE date (not your appointment date).

New Student Enrollment 2020

The Adviser

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What classes will my Fall 2020 schedule consist of?

Almost all CoJMC students will take JOMC 101, JOMC 100, JOMC 130 and JOMC 131 their first semester. Advertising & Public Relations majors will also take ADPR 151 and Sports Media and Communication majors will take SPMC 150. In addition to these classes, you will take ACE classes and/or a foreign language in your first semester to average about 14-17 credits. Special scholarship courses, Honors Program and other special program classes will also be taken into consideration when scheduling your first semester.

Where can I find a list of minors?

You can look at the Undergraduate Catalog for a list of the minors offered at UNL. Some minors are not available to all students, so it is good to create a list of a few minors that interest you to discuss with your adviser. You do not have to decide on a minor before your appointment, but it is helpful for your adviser to know what minors you think sound interesting.

Undergraduate Catalog

What languages can I take at UNL if I did not complete four years of the same foreign language in high school?

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Czech
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • Latin

When will I be enrolled in classes?

You will be enrolled in the classes that you and your adviser discuss 7-10 business days after your scheduled NSE date. You will meet with your adviser before your scheduled NSE date.

What if I want to change a class after NSE?

Please do not change any classes on your own after NSE without consulting your adviser. Please email the adviser you met with for your 1-1 meeting after enrollment if you have questions about changing your schedule.

Who should attend the 1-1 advising meeting?

The advising meeting is an opportunity for incoming students to meet with their adviser 1 on 1. So we ask that students attend this meeting alone if possible. We encourage parents/guardians to discuss any questions they may have with their student prior to the meeting. The advisers will also be hosting a couple of parent check-ins throughout the summer if you'd like to connect before or after your student's 1-1 meeting. 

What type of computer will I need in the CoJMC?

All students in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications are required to lease, purchase or have ready access to a laptop computer that meets or exceeds the specifications listed in the CoJMC Laptop Policy. Students can choose between the Windows or Mac platforms.

Laptop Policy

What is FERPA?

FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of students. The law assigns the student as the owner of his/her educational record and provides guidelines on how the educational institution is to use and release protected information. This ensures that information such as the student’s grades, academic standing, and course schedule is not public information and that the student controls who has access to this information. This law also requires the educator to grant the students access to their personal records.

Meet Your Advisers

Andrea Gaghagen portrait

Andrea Gaghagen
Advising Coordinator

Anne McCloskey portrait

Anne McConkey
Academic Adviser

Bridgett Grant portrait

Bridgett Grant
Academic Adviser