Nebraska News Service

Nebraska News Service student reports on events at the state capitol

The Nebraska News Service provides you with real life experiences that will mold you into the professional you want to become. NNS reporters cover the Nebraska Legislature, other agencies of state government, and issues that matter to all Nebraskans. Students see their stories published in more than 120 media outlets. Led by a former Washington correspondent for the Omaha World-Herald, you’ll be taught, challenged and mentored to make a real impact with your work.

The Nebraska News Service has been a great learning experience. Unlike other classes, I get to have the chance to see my classwork published in the real world. While this certainly adds more pressure, it also presents a great opportunity for published clips that can be used in job applications. Because the stories are used by a number of local publications, many of which are in rural Nebraska, I'm forced to have a specific audience's wishes and perspectives at the forefront of my mind when reporting. This has pushed me out of my comfort zone in reporting and has made me a stronger journalist. Bailey Schulz Journalism major