Eric Gerrard: Alumni Spotlight
Eric Gerrard: Alumni Spotlight
Sep 5 2019 - 12:30pm
CoJMC Alumni, Eric Gerrard was an advertising and public relations major during his time at the J school. One of his favorite experiences was the summer he had an internship in Hawaii (that professor Nancy Mitchell helped him get!). Today Eric works with a lobbying firm in Lincoln called American Communications Group. He also has his own small law firm called Eric Gerrard LLC.
Eric can confirm that Mass Media Law (JOMC 486) is an extremely valuable course and one of the most relevant in the world of advertising. “Lobbying and advocating seems like a perfect mix of my advertising and legal background, so I feel very fortunate.”

Amy Struthers
Happy New (Academic) Year, CoJMC Alums and Friends!
Aug 27 2019 - 3:15pm

I am writing on this first day of the fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, Monday, Aug. 26, and excitement is in the air in Andersen Hall. Our 203 new students will help us continue our celebration of 125 years of journalism education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a legacy that includes you all. 

Alex Leavenworth in London
Alex Leavenworth: Alumni Spotlight
Aug 22 2019 - 11:15am

A month ago CoJMC Alumni Alexandria Leavenworth fulfilled a lifelong dream and sang on stage with Carrie Underwood. When she was little she wanted to be a superstar and lucky Alex got a taste of stardom when she sang in front of 15,000 people with her idol!

Alex is also winning in the career department. She completed the Integrated Media Communications Program at CoJMC and received her M.A. She knows this degree helped her get a promotion at KSBW TV Action News 8 in Central California. As the youngest Promotion Manager at KSBW her peers have a lot more experience in the industry, but Alex isn’t afraid to pitch a crazy idea. Her secret weapon? It's simple, back up your ideas with stats, have knowledge on the subject and reasons why it’ll work.

Alex’s advice for anyone in the journalism industry is to keep going! "When you’re stressed, overworked and exhausted don’t give up, be determined. You might have to work holidays, weekends, nights, and sometimes even overnight, but your hard work will pay off—just be patient and stay the course."

Elizabeth Rembert: Alumni Spotlight
Elizabeth Rembert: Alumni Spotlight
Aug 15 2019 - 11:15pm
Elizabeth is a #CoJMC alumni with an inspiring drive. As a little girl she started a newspaper that covered the news on her family farm in Bow Valley, NE. It was called “The Farm Fresh News” and featured newborn kittens and where cows could be found on that particular day.
Today she uses her journalism degree at her internship with Bloomberg where she covers banks with the finance team. Elizabeth knows her idea of news and how she can contribute to it has been reshaped while at Bloomberg. She’s also learned that she is really interested in business journalism and is thankful her J school professor Joe Weber encouraged her to apply for this internship.
Elizabeth’s advice for #CoJMC who want to be in the newsroom? “Embrace the opportunity to learn journalism without a 10-minute deadline while you're at CoJMC. And don’t limit yourself, you’ll be much more valuable to a newsroom if you’re willing to enthusiastically take anything they throw at you.”

alums Mark Getzfred and Liz Austin reconnected with emeritus professor Mike Stricklan and his wife Cheri in Portland
Lifelong CoJMC Friendships
Aug 12 2019 - 10:00am

We could arguably say the best part about CoJMC is the friendships that last a lifetime. This summer, alums Mark Getzfred and Liz Austin reconnected with emeritus professor Mike Stricklan and his wife Cheri in Portland. Talk about a trip to remember!

Todd Ogden
Todd Ogden: Alumni Spotlight
Aug 8 2019 - 10:00am

What is CoJMC Alum Todd Ogden's special talent? He “knows a lot about nothing and a little bit about everything” which earned him his high school nickname ~Stat Boy~. And when Todd's not putting his trivia winning skills to the test, he keeps plenty busy as President and CEO of Downtown Lincoln.

He credits the J school for getting him where he is now because his very first job was from a class partnership with CoJMC and the Downtown Lincoln Association. Todd was hired to implement his class project and that was 12 years ago. Throughout his time at the Downtown Lincoln Association, Todd’s implemented several more exciting projects— the most recent being a new Master Plan that includes amazing plans, like a downtown Music District.

Todd’s advice to CoJMC students is to quickly learn three very important things:

1. Be kind
2. Be real
3. Say yes to opportunity

CoJMC Alumni, Madison Riedmiller
Madison Riedmiller: Alumni Spotlight
Aug 1 2019 - 10:30am

Recent alum Madison Riedmiller is passionate about a lot of things. She’s close with her family, she loves her friends and in her free time, you can probably find her traveling or at a yoga studio. But the one goal she’s had her eye on for as long as she can remember is that post graduation she wanted to live in New York City.

Her hard earned goal was met when she accepted a job at Intouch Group as a marketing coordinator in the greater NYC area. She started working there in June and is loving it! Madison has taken a lot of what she's learned at CoJMC to everyday work with her clients. Her capstone campaigns class and the constant support from professors and advisors in the J School are who she can't thank enough for helping make this big city dream a reality.

Madison's advice for UNL students is to accept everyone for who they are and not judge people. She's learned that wherever you go you'll meet people of different cultures and from different backgrounds, and that you can always find a way to relate to anyone and build some common ground.

Alumni Spotlight, Amanda Graves
Amanda Graves: Alumni Spotlight
Jul 25 2019 - 12:15pm

Amanda Graves is an old soul. In fact, she’s convinced she should have been born in the 70’s. Janis Joplin has influenced her Bohemian style and she’s memorized all there is to know about bands like The Beatles, Queen and Led Zeppelin. Amanda is also passionate about skincare. Upon graduating this May she landed her first full-time job at LovelySkin in Omaha and is able to combine her skills in graphic design and her love for skincare as a marketing specialist there. Amanda is thankful CoJMC gave her an opportunity to be versatile. Along with graphic design, it was her experience in social media, writing and campaigning that ultimately lead to her earning the job at LovelySkin.

Eileen Wirth headshot
CoJMC alum receives national recognition
Jul 18 2019 - 4:15pm

by Molly Roe

Eileen Wirth, a 1968 journalism graduate of the CoJMC, recently received the 2019 Communicator of Achievement Award from the National Federation of Press Women. 

Brown inducted into Nebraska Women Journalists' Hall of Fame
May 22 2019 - 8:00am

Ruth Brown, emerita professor in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, was inducted into the Marian Andersen Nebraska Women Journalists’ Hall of Fame on April 27 at the Nebraska Press Women spring conference in Broken Bow.