Meeting with your adviser should be on your to-do list each and every semester. We can ensure that you stay on track for graduation if you regularly meet with us to discuss your plans, interests and goals. Schedule an appointment in MyPLAN or come in during Walk-in Wednesdays. We are happy to help you!

Fall and Spring Semesters

Schedule an appointment through Canvas MyPLAN for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.
Walk-in Wednesday hours: 8 a.m.- noon and 1-4 p.m. (Subject to change depending on adviser availability).


By appointment only. Please schedule an appointment using MyPLAN, by calling 402-472-3074, or by emailing Andrea at

Contact Our Advisors
Jill Arth portrait

Jill Arth
Academic Adviser

Andrea Gaghagen portrait

Andrea Gaghagen
Advising Coordinator

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Anne McConkey
Academic Adviser

The CoJMC advisers truly care about each individual student. They're focused on the students’ success in and out of the classroom. Garrett Kallhoff CoJMC student
CoJMC advising is personal and productive. Your adviser wants you to succeed and will go out of her way to help you. Switching majors felt like a breeze because of how willing my adviser was to help me and get me on the right track to what I want in my future. Emma Thomas CoJMC student
My adviser actually knows who I am. She knows my goals and passions and wants to help me get there. Emma Thomas CoJMC student
The 4-year plan my adviser and I made freshman year, along with my degree audit, helped me stay on track for my academic career. Linsey Armstrong CoJMC student
My class planning advice for incoming students is to figure out what you want out of your career, then go see your adviser and ask what type of courses, minors and concentrations would work for that future. Also, try and get the required courses and ACE courses out of the way as soon as possible, that way you aren't stuck taking courses you aren't really into your senior year. Anna Owens CoJMC student
My advice for incoming students would be to build a relationship with your adviser and at least one other faculty member. This way you always have someone in your corner. It doesn't matter if you're freaking out before a test or unsure about your major and what classes you'd like to take. They will always have your back. Sydny Boyd CoJMC student
The CoJMC advisers have made my life MUCH less stressful when it comes to preparing for coming semesters. They know their stuff and are very happy to help navigate students through the endless sea of classes. Jordan Snader CoJMC student
To incoming students, I would say that your plan coming into college is most likely going to change and that's OK. Knock out your classes that are required early so you can cruise when your senior year comes. Garrett Kallhoff CoJMC student
CoJMC advisers helped me plan out my college career and have made me feel confident that I know where I am going. Rachel Quint CoJMC student