Action Plan: Undergraduate Operations

Action Plan Undergraduate Academic Operations

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Distinctive Capability

Students will gain knowledge and professional skills in a community of learners, preparing them for the dynamic, diverse and global media industry from Day 1.

Action Plan

Strategies Action Steps Targets

Create interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities for students

  • Increase students involvement in RSO’s aligned with their career interests
  • Create required 3-credit practicum for all majors in the college
  • Collaborate with other departments on campus
  • 65% of CoJMC students involved in college RSO
  • Align each major outlet to gain interdisciplinary and experiential work for portfolio
  • Increase retention from sophomore to junior year by 10%

Provide students an environment to learn from industry professionals and community members to exchange ideas, interact with faculty, and collaborate with each other.

  • Create shadowing program matching students to professionals in local industries to shadow before reaching upper-level coursework
  • Hold monthly industry speaker series / panels
  • Create required, three-credit practicum for all majors in the college
  • Build a directory of industry professionals to share ideas, thoughts and career advice through Linked In
  • Establish a centralized way of managing external clients working with our courses
  • Increase career development opportunities and understanding of professional life in industry for all students before reaching 300/400 level coursework
  • Each major has a OWH fellowship/shadowing program corequisite with the major specific writing course (e.g.: Real World & JOUR 200A coreq)
  • Increase confidence levels for career readiness through the JOMC 098 student survey.

Students work with real-world clients to build their portfolio of published work

  • Create required, 3-credit practicum for all majors in the college
  • Further develop our partnerships with local media, TV and ad agencies
  • Create a management system for students to archive their work from every course
  • Identify existing courses that require assignments to submit to awards (e.g. ADDY’s, Prisms, SHOW, Hearst, Anvil, etc.)
  • Students have a complete portfolio of professional work by the time they graduate
  • All students save their top three projects from each CoJMC course for portfolio
  • Increase submissions to award programs by 50%

Increase curricular flexibility of all programs to stay current with industry trends

  • Creation of online degree completion
  • Creation of 4+1 programs
  • Offer new pop-up courses every semester
  • Annual summit with faculty, SAB, students and industry to discuss trends
  • Online degree program launches fall 2024
  • 4+1 in ADPR/IMC program launch for fall 2022 and others to follow
  • Offer at least two pop-ups every year that reflect annual summit outcomes (e.g. Mobile Me and You/Media lab class)

Prioritize excellence and best practices of teaching and learning in JMC education to align with accreditation and industry standards (includes ethical and social responsibility)

  • Fully implement TOPS! program
  • Routinely assessing core curriculum required by all majors
  • Equal opportunity for competitive experience courses
  • Invest in professional development opportunities in teaching and learning
  • All faculty will participate in peer review teaching by AY 2022-2023
  • All faculty will attend workshops and conferences to enhance teaching and learning to support best practices in teaching, learning, technology, diversity/inclusion
  • Annual internal review of required core courses and CoJMC programs

Refine and invest in distinctive and focused educational experiences

  • Develop satellite CoJMC locations and professional partnerships
  • Establish embedded media scholars program at companies, organizations or events around the country
  • Annual media tours
  • Study abroad opportunities for all majors that partner with NPOs to allow both academic learning + internship experience
  • Create simulations where students unveil an industry challenge, and they create solutions (e.g. competition style like Perry Challenge)
  • Establish a permanent satellite CoJMC location by 2025
  • Identify five companies, organizations or events for implementation of media scholars program (student and faculty) for summer 2024
  • Produce and promote content to highlight distinctive programs to recruit and retain students
  • Increase student for study abroad opportunities with a five-year schedule of trips offered by the college. 

Recruit, enroll and retain talented students from diverse backgrounds

  • Work with the National Minority Consortia (funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting) to help locate BIPOC potential students and offer current BIPOC students opportunities within those organizations.
  • Tailor orientation programs for all incoming students (e.g. freshmen, transfer, major change, online, out-of-state, etc.)
  • Create A.A.S. program for students changing majors
  • Articulation agreements with high schools with robust, JOUR, BRDC, MEDIA programs to count as elective credit from UNL
  • Out-of-state recruiting trips for faculty and students to underrepresented areas (minorities and rural locations.)
  • Restructure our scholarship selection process to focus more on financial need and education ability/promise
  • Increase number of faculty/staff in the college from diverse backgrounds
  • Recruit three UCARE and FYRE projects in the college by fall 2022
  • Increase CoJMC applicants from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses
  • Increase overall retention rates by 10% and sophomore to junior retention by 15% by 2025

Emphasize the ethics and values of professionalism, responsibility, and wellness as the foundation for students.

  • Require industry ethics training/certification for students.
  • Train students to develop a growth mindset and resilience.
  • Hold events during busy times of the year to help students reduce stress with activities and tips/tricks.
  • Collaborate with Big Red Resilience and Well-being to create tailored programming for students in their freshman year to tackle hardships 
  • Reduce the number of withdrawals and incompletes by X%
  • All graduates have an understanding of ethics and values in industry and demonstrate this through JOMC 098 senior exit survey

Create spaces to experiment with cutting-edge technology and innovations in the delivery of media to prepare students for dynamic careers

  • Build and create new TV studio in the newsroom
  • Create structure around the Emerging Media Studio (Maker Hours/Drone Lab).
  • Develop collaborations across campus around new technology
  • Create physical space for experiential learning practicum
  • Create digital space for student collaboration/job board to work with peers on projects outside of class
  • Curriculum and support of RSO’s keeps the TV studio in use, producing content throughout the year
  • Hold regular hours for students to experiment with emerging media and technology
  • Increase number of students in new interdisciplinary courses/minors/majors with ASC and FPA
  • Remodel 2nd floor former studio space as the hub for the practicum/experiential learning opportunities with built-in entrepreneurship and career development centers included
  • Increase awareness of student’s personal projects and allow them to connect with each other through an online space supported by the college


    1. Academic involvement and internship experiences of our student body 

    • # study abroad opportunities 

    • # industry/media tours  

    • # courses working with industry partners 

    • # of internships 

    • # of active student orgs and mentor programs 

    • # of successful competitive teams 

    • # of apps to scholarships, contests, special programs 

    • # of networking with industry and employers 

    • # of UCARE and FYRE projects 

    • # of publications from courses 

    • # of awards earned by students 

    • All students successfully market themselves using polished resume/cover letter/port. by the time they graduate 

  • Makeup of current student body 
    • Increase diversity (minorities/underrep, first gen, low income) 

    • Increase student success: graduation rate, time to graduation 

  • Prospective students 
    • # of tours 

    • Engagement in learning community 

  • Accessibility of facilities, equipment, faculty, staff and alumni 
    • Open door policy 

    • 24 hours access to building 

    • Access to equipment 

    • Quick and thorough feedback 

    • Collaborative spaces available (comm design and open studios) 

    • Student support services, meetings always available with advisors, career devspecalist 

    • # of faculty participating in TOPS! peer review program  

  • Flexible and relevant curriculum 
    • Bi-annual competitor analysis of peers and industry trends: curriculum, courses, topics, brand as college/professorup-to-date curriculum based on media industry trends  

    • Annual assessment of one program in the undergraduate curriculum 

    • # of pop-up courses each semester 

    • # of courses working on real-world projects 

    • Academic measures of success for student success - Satisfaction, graduation rates, retention rates   

    • Development of a 4+1 program 

    • Development of an online completion program 

    • Increase number and the success of targeted programs that are combined to create unique education experiences 

    • Jacht 

    • Drone  

    • Data 

    • NSAC/Bateman/Hearst/Other Awards 

    • News 21 

    • Global Eyewitness 

    • Nebraska News Service Wire / Depth Reports 

    • Comm Design Lab 

    • Beat Reporting Seward Thing 

    • BRDC Production 

    • Student Orgs