Action Plan: External Relations

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Distinctive Capability

CoJMC is a home for world-class experiential and creative learning. We aspire to attract diverse students, faculty and staff who make an impact in their fields. We create a global network of donors, alumni and innovative professionals who build authentic, meaningful, life-long relationships that enrich the communities in Nebraska and beyond.

Action Plan

Strategies Action Steps
Seek out, build and foster ongoing mutually beneficial relationships with diverse donors, alumni, employers and communities.
  • Foster relationships with diverse donors through ongoing communication campaigns to plant a seed for more funded student opportunities
    • Work with the NU Foundation to capture relevant relationship leads or details to communicate opportunities
    • Develop email drip campaign for current and previous donor relationships
    • Create content strategy that features current students within the college and the work they are doing that is supported by donor funding (e.g. Perry Photo Challenge or Summer Internship)
  • Create and build CoJMC alumni affinity groups that regularly connect and engage with college activities.
    • Identify current experiential-specific affinity groups (e.g., PRSSA, News Lab, Jacht, KRNU)
    • Work with the Alumni Association to identify potential partners/donors separated by the various experiential-based opportunities.
    • Develop committee or appoint individual coordinator to capture/organize monthly townhalls or socials, fundraising events, advisory opportunities for students, mentorship event
    • Identify existing alumni groups on social media and develop a content strategy for media channels that align with college key messaging and initiatives to leverage alumni beyond the specific group
Provide inclusive and equitable opportunities for professionals and community members to exchange ideas, interact with faculty and each other.
  • Develop innovation-based roundtables that provide short-format immersive experiences for faculty, students and professionals in the community.
    • Outside Speakers & Events - Every class must require X hours as part of the syllabus to engage in program/demonstrate learning/etc.
    • Creative Wednesdays – Once a month, the college hosts an immersion experience where professionals dedicate 1-2 hours to solving a problem in the profession or industry.
    • Skill School/Webinar/Lunch & Learns: Specific topics led by faculty, alumni and professionals that are open to students, stakeholders.
    • Ted Talk inspired events - open to students and featuring industry professionals
  • Professional Residencies through Practicum Program and Faculty Industry Residences in exchange.
    • Identify industry partners in the field who would be willing to mentor and coach students through the practicum program.
    • Establish a training program and system to track project progress so professionals in residence know what to expect.
  • Advisory Groups that are Departmental and/or Dean’s Level where the college creates a pathway for alumni and professionals to contribute feedback.
    • ACTION PLAN – TBD: Consider resurrecting the previous Dean’s Kitchen Cabinet or Advisory Board
Promote faculty creative activities, elevate professional development opportunities and demonstrate impact of research for public consumption and engagement.
  • Develop key messaging matrix for each program area, which includes strategic themes and proof points
    • Work with faculty program coordinators to identify and capture key highlights.
    • Develop and test key messages among stakeholders.
    • Highlight key messages through an integrated media communications approach.
  • Brand the college externally through the hiring of an agency or work with Jacht to produce an integrated media communications campaign that would target stakeholders.
    • Social Media/Influencer Relations Campaign: Feature alumni and partner with the college on an engagement campaign
    • Deploy survey or focus groups by student program area to assess current perception of students towards the college. What do students think we are known for?
  • Establish media relations strategic plan, which will include key channels that align with each academic area
    • Develop a Dean’s Office process flow of how the college is tracking and promoting faculty/alumni accomplishments
    • Identify national and/or global channels/publications to promote specific creative/scholarship activity (e.g. media list)
 Strengthen hands-on learning opportunities to help employment of students and alumni.
  • Develop a program that attracts industry professionals through college-wide practicum for all CoJMC students
    • Integrate directly into curriculum so students will take up to 6 credits of a practicum, specializing in a specific area (e.g. KRNU, NNS, Jacht)
    • Develop a workflow or process to capture projects students can work on every week that will serve a specific client or community.
    • Integrate professional residents into the practicum curriculum to coach, mentor and guide students during weekly sessions (see Strategy #2).
    •  TBD (this will be planned in partnership with the Experiential Learning committee)
Build upon current strategic partnerships and develop new industry relationships and outreach opportunities.
  • Develop non-credit Professional Development Programs for working professionals in the industry
    • Identify integrated media communications opportunities within the market
    • Survey alumni from profession regarding topics they or their companies would be interested in further exploring.
    • Work with the Graduate Education Committee to align certificate programs and credit-bearing programs with the PD programs.
  • Create a database of industry connections that faculty/staff establish within their own networks.
    • Utilize digital measures to capture all guest speaker information and aggregate/distribute information for students or faculty
  • Formalize partnership program with “tiers of involvement” that clearly outline the benefits of the partnership to the organization and to CoJMC students
    • Test this idea for experiential-based courses like Jacht Pro, where professionals sign-up for an entire semester to lead workshop, etc. (See Strategy #2)
Diversify and increase the number of national and international awards and rankings; amplify college visibility and thought leadership; build brand equity among our peers within the profession
  • Identify relevant awards and rankings for the college to pursue long-term and short-term.
    • Dedicate coordinator from each area to research national opportunities to consider for the college
    • Capture all faculty awards and write press releases for relevant media outlet
  • Develop a College Visibility & Thought Leadership Committee to fairly review and advocate college PR/Comms.
    • Establish a committee to submit proposals for awards or recognition. Keeps track of faculty achievements, etc.
    • Assess current brand equity among peers (e.g. AEJMC and BIG 10) by tracking SOV
    • Purchase Meltwater or other listening tool to measure key metrics related to PR/SOV
  • Deploy students to develop a PR or branding campaign for the college to increase awareness of college
    • Work with Jacht or a campaigns class to develop a PR strategy for the college as a “client” and develop a media kit with infographics/deliverables that showcase highlights from students/faculty
Create a climate at CoJMC that emphasizes, prioritizes and expands inclusive excellence and diversity.
  • Partner with the Cultural Competency Center to train and certify all CoJMC Faculty, Staff and Students
    • Identify specific challenges of the college as it pertains to cultural competency
    • Customize a training program to address cultural competencies for specific audiences
  • Produce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Annual Report year-over-year progress of college DE&I initiatives
    • Collect metrics identified in “Section F” of the distinctive capability measures.

(Please Note:. The committee is organizing a meeting to meet with the UNL Diversity & Inclusion Office to further discuss strategies/tactics.)


Key Measures Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Student & Graduate Employment
  • # of student internship placements
  • # of students who gain full-time employment post-graduation
  • # of students who start their own business
Increased Engagement of Alumni & Stakeholders
  • % of fundraising conversions
  • % increase in major gifts and in-kind or monetary donations
  • # of corporate & employer outreach opportunities
  • #of alumni and donor interactions with college
Impact of Experiential & Creative Learning
  • # of interdisciplinary and innovative partnerships with academic units
  • # of professional mentorships
  • # of hands-on class experiences
  • # of clients who work with students
Strategic Industry Partnerships
  • # of industry/professional partnerships
  • # of research presentations, professional development programs and/or workshops
 Awards & Recognition
  • # of earned media mentions with positive sentiment & placement
  • # of scholarly research & creative awards
  • # of alumni & faculty recognitions
Inclusive Excellence & Diversity Initiatives
  • # of faculty and staff involved with diversity initiatives on-campus
  • # of students who lead diversity initiatives on behalf of CoJMC
  • # of partnerships with cultural centers and youth programs that support underrepresented persons in the community