Marketing, Communications, and Advertising (MCA)

Julia Stumkat, an international student from Rostock, Germany, is currently seeking her Master of Arts degree in the Marketing, Communication, and Advertising program from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. While earning her Bachelor of Arts in News-Editorial and Sociology from the University of Nebraska-Kearney, Julia interned as a reporter at the Kearney Hub newspaper and worked as the news editor of the student newspaper The Antelope. Upon graduation, Julia worked for a year as an associate producer for NTV, a TV station in Kearney. After gaining experience in journalism and broadcasting, she anticipated a career shift. She wanted to combine her strong communication and research skills with her passion for marketing and advertising. The combination resulted in earning her Master's degree at the College of Journalism. Being from Europe, Julia has much international experience. She learned two foreign languages and traveled throughout Europe to broaden her horizon about other cultures. She speaks, writes, and reads English and German, and she is conversant in French. She said that "the need to understand cultural differences is crucial since the world becomes smaller, and more companies are seeking to become global." Following graduation, Julia is not sure yet where she will live since she is an adventurous, open-minded and flexible person. However, due to her excellent language skills and her strong interest in other cultures, she considers working for a multinational company. If she stays in the U.S., she will probably work for a European company taking care of market research and brand strategy. Besides her interest in international marketing and advertising, she loves to travel, meet new people, read, write, take pictures, and cook with friends.


Chelsey Jungck