Thesis Track (Option I)

The media studies specialization accommodates the needs of students who seek theoretical knowledge in journalism and mass communications. Students can customize the program of studies to fit their area of interest, including print, broadcast, and digital journalism, as well as advertising and public relations.

This option should be chosen by students who are preparing for careers in research and scholarly work or in college or university teaching. Under this option a student must earn a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit, consisting of 24 semester hours of regular course work, and present a thesis equivalent to six semester hours. At least one-half of the required work, including thesis, must be taken in the major (JGRD). The remaining work may be in supporting courses or in a minor consisting of at least 9 semester hours. Eight hours credit, in addition to the thesis, must be earned in courses open exclusively to graduate students (900 level or 800 level without 400 or lower counterparts).

Media Studies Thesis Track (Option I)

1. Required Courses
  JGRD 915 Mass Media Theory* 3 cr. hr.
  JGRD 919 Mass Media Research* 3 cr. hr.
  JGRD 954
JGRD 809
JOUR 814
Government and the Media*, OR
Media Law Seminar*, OR
Government Controls of Information
3 cr. hr.
  JGRD 899 Thesis* 6 cr. hr.

JGRD 992

Professional project or advanced coursework*
JGRD992 is optional, Thesis is not optional

6 cr. hr.

2. Elective Courses
    15 hours of ADPR, JOUR, JGRD, BRDC or NEWS courses
(nine hours can be in a minor outside the college)
15 cr. hr.
      30 cr. hr. total
* open to graduate students only