Professional Track (Option II)

The integrated media communications (IMC) specialization was designed for early-career professionals who want to enhance their skills in a rapidly changing media environment in the context of advertising and public relations. The IMC specialization is available on campus and online. This specialization is offered in conjunction with the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

Under this option a student must earn a minimum of 36 semester hours of credit, including 18 hours in advertising/public relations, and have either one or two areas of related course work. A thesis is not required. The IMC specialization will consist of 18 hours in the major (advertising and public relations) and 9 hours in at least one area of related course work: marketing or speech communication. Students may also select two areas of related course work: marketing and speech communication. Option II requires that at least 12 of the 36 hours must be earned in courses open exclusively to graduate students (900 or 800 level without 400 or lower counterparts). Students who are completing the master’s degree under this option and later elect to continue in graduate work for the degree of doctor of philosophy must give evidence of ability to carry on independent research.

IMC Professional Track

1. Required Advertising and Public Relations Courses
  ADPR 830 Advertising Issues and Strategies 3 cr. hr.
  ADPR 881 Advertising and PR Research* 3 cr. hr.
  ADPR 884 Brands and Branding 3 cr. hr.
  JGRD 992 Professional Project* 3 cr. hr.
2. Elective Advertising and PR/Journalism Courses
    6-15 hours of ADPR electives (depending on number of related course work selected) 6 cr. hr.
3. Marketing Courses (if selected as one of the required areas of related course work) The following marketing courses are just suggestions.
  MKT 838P Consumer Behavior 3 cr. hr.
  MKT 857P E-Marketing 3 cr. hr.
  MKT 860P Strategic Product Management 3 cr. hr.
4. Speech Communication Courses (if selected as one of the required areas of related course work) The following communication courses are just suggestions.
  SPCH 851P Leadership Communication 3 cr. hr.
  SPCH 852P Theories of Organizational Communication 3 cr. hr.
  SPCH 856P Rhetorical Theory 3 cr. hr.
      36 cr. hr. total

* open to graduate students only

NOTE: All MKT and SPCH courses are UNK online courses