Laurie Thomas Lee
Graduate Chair & Professor
308 Andersen

Jodi Bergstrom

Graduate Program Assistant
147 Andersen

Graduate Studies
1100 Seaton Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0619
402.472.0589 (fax)

UNL Fellowships
UNL graduate fellowship applications are available online where you may access the forms and instructions.

Graduate Assistantships
There are a limited number of graduate assistantships offered by the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Campus students should contact the graduate chair about possible openings after completion of one semester of graduate courses.
Download and fill out the Graduate Assistant Application on the Admissions page.

Financial Assistance
The College of Journalism and Mass Communications awards the Hitchcock Fellowship to graduate students.

The fellowship is awarded to worthy students on the basis of:

  • record of good scholarship
  • good professional promise

The fellowships is not granted solely on financial need.

All applicants will be considered and awarded by vote of the graduate committee in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

A nomination letter would be welcomed by the selection committee.

The application form is available online by clicking here.

Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Fellowship
Students meeting the following criteria shall be eligible for this award:

  • Each recipient shall be a Nebraska resident for purposes of tuition.
  • Each recipient shall be a full-time or part-time student in the graduate Master of Arts program, College of Journalism ad Mass Communications, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Each recipient shall have a minimum of one year of professional journalistic experience following completion of the baccalaureate degree.
  • Each recipient shall comply with all other rules and regulations established by the graduate faculty of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, so long as such rules and regulations are not in conflict with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Read more about the Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Foundation.