How many graduate hours can be transferred into the program?
Transfer credits are approved on a case-by-case basis as a part of the admissions process. No more than nine transfer hours will be accepted.

Are written comprehensive exams required?
If a student is enrolled in a program that requires a project or thesis, a student will be asked to defend his or her thesis or professional project (if applicable) in an oral exam, but written comprehensive exams are not given. Students in the interdisciplinary Marketing, Communication, Advertising specialization also participate in an oral exam. MCA students who plan to graduate in the summer must complete and pass the oral exam in the spring.

If a student is enrolled in a program that does not include a project or thesis, a comprehensive oral or written exam is required.

Do I have to take the GRE?
All applicants must take the GRE. In addition, TOEFL and TSE are required for international students, who do not have a bachelors degree from a post-secondary U.S. institution. Minimum TOEFL:  Paper-600  Computer-250  Internet-100

Are graduate courses offered in the evening?
Many are. The required graduate courses for the thesis option are offered on a rotating basis.

Are graduate journalism courses available through distance education technology?
Yes. Graduate courses are offered for students at a distance in fall, spring, and summer semesters. These can be taken over the Internet.

Are courses outside journalism also available by distance education technology?
Yes. Courses offered by the UNL College of Business Administration, Teachers College, the College of Human Resources and Family Sciences and the College of Agriculture are available. In addition, a student may take classes at other institutions or by correspondence, with approval of his or her committee.

All courses must be approved in advance. Coursework without prior approval is taken at a student's own risk. Students should contact their adviser to discuss graduate plans.

Who needs a committee?
Students completing a professional project or thesis need a committee. A committee should include three faculty members. The chair must be a member of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications' graduate faculty.

How do I get a chair for my committee?
A student asks a graduate faculty committee member to chair his or her committee. The person a student asks is more likely to accept if he or she has expertise and interest in a student's subject area. A student's adviser can help identify potential chairs.

What is a Memorandum of Courses and how do I get one?
Each graduate student creates a plan of study by choosing courses specific to his or her specialization. This plan, or Memorandum of Courses, is established with each student's adviser and/or committee during the first semester in the graduate program. Required courses and courses specific to each student's area of interest are included. A student will receive his or her degree once the courses listed on the Memorandum of Courses are successfully completed. The form can be downloaded here:

Is Internet access available to graduate students?
Yes. Computing, Information Services offers e-mail accounts free of charge to graduate students. Students may access their accounts through a private Internet service provider. Application forms for graduate student e-mail accounts and Internet service provider referrals are available in room 105 or the Computer Shop in the 501 Building or by calling (402) 472-3970. It is important for you to have an e-mail account to communicate with your professors and the graduate office.

Should I register for thesis or professional project hours on an ongoing basis or all six at once?
Graduate students in the Journalism program are required to register for at least one credit hour two out of three sessions (fall, spring, summer). Each student should stagger his or her credit hours during the semesters he or she is working on the project and/or thesis.Typically, students register for one credit hout when developing the proposal and the remaining five credit hours during the following semester.

How large are the journalism graduate classes?
Journalism graduate classes usually range from 10-20 students.

Will I be able to work classes around my work schedule?
All 900-level journalism graduate classes are scheduled in the evening to accommodate students who work full-time. Some of the 800-level classes are scheduled in the evening but some are daytime classes. Advisers will be able to help students identify the time of day 800-level classes will be offered.

What happens if the 10-year deadline for completing the program has expired and I'm not finished with my degree?
The UNL Graduate Studies catalog states:

  • The work required for a master's degree must be completed within 10 consecutive calendar years from the first course listed on the Memorandum of Courses. Coursework exceeding 10 years will not apply toward the partial fulfillment of the degree requirements for M.A. degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

What is the procedure for registering for classes?
Graduate students may register for classes using eNRoll, UNL's course registration system that utilizes a standard web browser to access their records. eNRoll is integrated into the What About Me (WAM) home page menu.

  • Graduate students will receive an eNRoll personal identification number when they receive their graduate admission certificate.
  • eNRoll instructions are in each semester's Schedule of Classes.

Are fellowships and scholarships available?
The College of Journalism and Mass Communications offers a limited number of graduate assistantships. Campus students should contact the Graduate Chair about possible openings. Students applying for a graduate assistantship must submit an application by March 15 (for fall) or October 15 (for spring).

Graduate Assistantship Application(8K PDF)

Only students who have been admitted to the journalism graduate program are eligible to apply. Graduate students, also, may apply for fellowships through the UNL Office of Graduate Studies.