Hello World.

May 29, 2009
By Brittany Schuessler

My name is Brittney. I'm a fashion, news editorial and broadcasting major at UNL, and I just moved to New York City for a summer internship at ELLE Magazine - a total dream. For all you reading this right now, hard work pays off!

June 1st will be my first day at ELLE Magazine.

Although I lived in NYC for a short while in high school, and have visited numerous times, moving to the city alone for the summer has been an adventure. I am excited about the journey I'm about to embark on but I'm also sad and already missing my loved ones at home.

I had to fly here, because after all, parking in NYC is crazy expensive and what Nebraskan could drive in Manhattan anyway? Flying forced me to pack 300 pounds, or three months of clothes, shoes, bedding, towels and necessities, into six suitcases. Items that could be purchased in New York but couldn't be packed stayed behind in Lincoln.

Lucky for me, there's a K-Mart down the block from my dorm. I've already taken advantage of the prices and purchased a fan, hangers, an iron and other items I couldn't bring with me. But now I'm faced with a dilemma -- how will I get everything home? Ship it or toss it?

I arrived in the city May 23, and so far I've unpacked, mastered the subway, gotten familiar with the beautiful neighborhood, and gone out for sushi and sake with my fabulous roommates.

I'm living at NYU for the next 12 weeks. When I got my room assignment, I didn't know if I would have zero, one, or two roommates. When I moved in, I discovered I had four roommates! Lauren is from Pittsburg and she is an intern at MTV; Faye, of Chicago, will intern at Tractenberg and Co., a fashion PR company; Katie, from New Orleans, will spend her summer at Marie Claire Magazine; and Catherine, of Canada, is a dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.

I can't seem to get over how cool all of our internships/jobs are. We shall conquer the city together!

We have an apartment-style dorm - it's huge! We all have our own walk-in closet (thank goodness) and, even better, a view of a stunning cathedral through three oversized windows.

This weekend, my roommates and I are either headed to the Hamptons, Jersey shore or Saratoga for sun and some fun. Stay tuned and I'll tell you all about my summer in the city.

Note to family: The city is only as expensive as you make it. You'll be happy to know that good deals aren't hard to find and having friends here helps.