Installment #2

July 29, 2009
By Andy O'Neill

The internship is going very well so far.  I learn something new every single day through working with great advertising folks here at the agency, from creatives to interactives to account people, and through working with great clients.  There hasn't been a single person here who hasn't provided me with at least one piece of valuable information.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am spending a lot of time working with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) from an Account Services role and also from an Interactive role.  While at first I was working with just one client, Honeywell, in helping them to better capitalize on Internet marketing opportunities, now I do the same for several clients.  I have even been given my own clients, Carts of Colorado and Missouri River Plastics.  I am responsible for all Account Services procedures for these clients and it has been an interesting and valuable experience to say the least.

I have developed great relationships with the Presidents and the heads of the marketing teams of both companies. Working with them has been very rewarding.  To give you a very general idea of the process I go through with these clients, first, the client will call and ask about a project or work that they would like done.  For example, the client might call and say he or she would like to put together a microsite that will help publicize a new product launch.  From there, I will go to either the Executive Creative Director, our other Creative Director or the Interactive Creative Director to get an idea of what the scope of work for this project would be.  I then take that scope and plug it into an estimate to send to the client.  With client approval, we will then have our creative input meeting, where I sit down with everyone who will be involved on the project and give them the rundown of the project and a creative brief that they will be able to reference later.  From that meeting, the people in the traffic department will put together a timeline, which is basically a schedule that the agency must follow in order to meet our final due date.  My work from then on consists of following up with the team to make sure that the work is getting done and reporting back to the client with updates when needed.  Note, this is the process in a perfect world; it never actually goes down this smoothly.

Currently, I am working on an SEO program for both Carts of Colorado and Missouri River Plastics, some content integration on (timeline is being made now), maintaining the Carts of Colorado PPC program (which has been running now for three weeks), and many other projects.

I love working in Account Services, and I still feel like I am getting my feet underneath me; but while it may be stressful, I have really appreciated the opportunity given to me by the agency to work on my own with clients.  Being able to develop relationships with clients on my own is truly an invaluable experience that I know will help me down the road.