Lauren Garcia Blog #2

June 25, 2009
By Lauren Garcia

I've been writing articles about Family-Teachers (kind of like foster parents) and fundraisers in Texas (yes.). I went to a luncheon today which honored all of the volunteers and mentors at Boys Town. And the other day, I met a gentleman who posed for one of the statues here on campus!

It's been pretty interesting meeting and talking to so many different types of people who all come together for the same cause: helping children and families. I wrote last time about wanting to learn the history of Boys Town, and that definitely hasn't changed. However, I have chosen to focus primarily on Father Flanagan, the founder, with a book entitled Father Flanagan of Boys Town. Understanding his vision and all that he was up against while founding the organization helps me come up with good angles for the stories I write, and most importantly, helps me get through tasks like evaluating news clippings and picking out the most prominent branding violation in newspaper ads.

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying the city of Omaha. Some of you may think that sounds crazy, but it really can be an exciting city, particularly during the summer. I went to the zoo for the first time (the gorillas and jellyfish were my favorites), and I learned that CWS makes this city come alive like nothing I've ever seen, save Husker home games.

What I've learned this week is that a summer (and internship) is what you make it. I could be having a terribly boring time. Instead, it's a blast, and I'll be sad when it's all over. Not too sad, though…I'm ready for football season.