Nebraska University Students Against Modern-day Slavery

Worldwide, there are more slaves today than ever before. Students who are passionate about real issues that hurt young people have come together and started a student organization that will impact students across Nebraska, NUSAMS.


Nebraska Students Against Modern-Day Slavery was created for students by students. The mission is to inform others about the tragedy of human trafficking. NUSAMS wants Nebraska students and civil society to be aware of how human trafficking occurs, why it occurs and the measures that can be taken to prevent it.

NUSAMS aims to recruit, educate and mobilize students through this social movement to effectively combat the issue of modern-day slavery through prevention, awareness, education and activism.

A common misconception about human trafficking and modern slavery is that it does not happen here in Nebraska. But it does. NUSAMS is looking for innovative ways to expose slavery in Nebraska as well as support efforts to fight the issue around the world. NUSAMS members believe that every student can help to stop human trafficking and end slavery in their generation.

To join NUSAMS, register on Facebook.