Tim Roesler

Tim Roesler will be honored as a “master” during the annual Alumni Masters Week celebration Nov. 13-15. as part of Alumni Masters Week. Roesler earned a degree in broadcast journalism from UNL in 1977.

Roesler is chief business development officer and senior vice president for American Public Media, where he supervises business development, business planning, sponsorship sales (underwriting) e-commerce, and ticketed events for APM and its subsidiaries, Minnesota Public Radio, Southern California Public Radio and Classical South Florida. He also is president of MPR's Fitzgerald Theater Co.

All students are encouraged to take part in lectures, presentations and events with the Alumni Masters, who will speak about ways to apply formal education to working situations and career goals.


Alumni Masters Week takes place every November. Each college nominates an Alumni Master to come back to campus during Alumni Masters Week. The Alumni Masters are graduates of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a number of years of outstanding service in their career field. They have information and experiences that are valuable to the entire academic community and are currently active in their professions. The Alumni Masters take part in many activities while they are back including, but not limited to a welcome reception, lunches with students, teaching in the classroom and faculty dinners. Alumni Masters are recognized publicly for this honor, and the Alumni Masters Week award is granted to outstanding alumni who have shown great promise, success and leadership in their chosen life's work.

The Alumni Masters Week program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln began during the 1963-64 academic year, with the first Alumni Masters on campus in the spring of 1964. The program was started at the request of then-chancellor Clifford Hardin, who had been invited back to Purdue University to take part in that school's "Old Master Program." Each year, Alumni Masters meet students in classrooms, living units and at student organization meetings during their stay on campus. Sometimes the Alumni Masters teach the classes themselves. Alumni Masters help students understand various ways to apply formal education to successful careers and often they bring students and faculty up-to-date with current developments in their fields.

This year marks the 49th annual Alumni Masters Week, a program sponsored by the Nebraska Alumni Association, Scarlet Guard (the alumni association's student group), and the UNL Chancellor's Office. Since 1964, nearly 280 alumni have participated in Alumni Masters Week.