Your Computer

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications (CoJMC) requires all new students to own or lease a laptop computer

You may purchase your laptop from a vendor of your choice. However, due to perferred-vendor pricing, you may be able to purchase a computer through UNL at some cost-savings. The following address will take you to the UNL Computer Shop:

Your Software

Minimum Requirements

Your computer must have the current version of Microsoft Office software. If Microsoft Office does not come standard on your computer it may be purchased at the UNL Computer Shop at a cost of $15.

You may contact the UNL Computer Shop at any of its three locations below:

Nebraska Union

Nebraska East Union

501 Stadium Drive

Prices from UNL Computer Store are subject to change and are not guaranteed.

Your Funding

You may be able to finance your computer or software purchase through financial aid. To determine your eligibility please contact the UNL Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid:

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Scholarships & Financial Aid
17 Canfield Administration Building
Lincoln, NE 68588-0411
(800) 742-8800 ext. 2030

If you cannot afford to purchase a laptop computer, please contact your CoJMC advisor to discuss alternative options.