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CoJMC Blogs

     “In an increasingly complicated and interdependent world, UNL graduates need to be prepared to live, work, and lead in a global society. They need a kind of global competency — the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable them to move across cultures, languages, and national borders and address the world's challenges that also cross those borders. Global competency set our students apart. No matter whether they end up in Beatrice or Beijing, their lives will increasingly be shaped by people, circumstances, and events across the world."

Dave Wilson
Senior International Officer

CoJMC Study Abroad to Spain (Summer 2013)

Professors Sriyani and Tom Tidball led a study abroad trip to Spain from May 20 to June 7, to develop skills in writing, photography and social media. In addition to visiting Barcelona and Madrid, the traveling Huskers took in the small towns and villages of Andalusia, Cordoba, Toledo, Seville and Granada. Along the way they visited the advertising agencies Contraunto BBDO and McCann. 

The Root Cause-Haiti (Spring Break 2013)

Professor Bruce Thorson and assistant Brian Lehmann are joining forces with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources on a research project about sustainable agriculture research and in-depth journalism reporting in Haiti. Root Cause-Haiti, a non-profit organization, will educate, demonstrate and provide resources that will enhance rural Haitian farmers quality of life and increase self-sustainability.

In Search of Sao Paolo (Winter 2012-2013)

Professor Bruce Thorson and assistant Brian Lehmann worked in Brazil along with 10 photojournalism students for three weeks during the winter break. Here's a clip from their introductory video. Read about the stories, experiences students took home from the trip here.

Japanese Visual Culture in Context (Summer 2012)

Students were based at Shunko-in, a subtemple of Myoshin-ji, the largest temple complex in Kyoto and the headquarters of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism, and the Sakura Hostel in the historic Asakusa neighborhood of Tokyo.
     In Kyoto, students received a brief orientation in the Japanese language, Zen meditation, art, gardens, architecture and history; they participated in a tea ceremony; and learned about Buddhist sculpture from a Japanese art scholar. Students visited Tokyo because it is an important center for design, advertising and marketing in Asia. Students met with Dentsu, one of the world's largest advertising agencies, and Wieden+Kennedy, a global agency known for cutting-edge creative work.
     UNL professors Frauke Hachtmann (CoJMC) and Dana Fritz (FPA) joined forces to teach the first visual literacy course in Japan in summer 2010 and wrote a blog when they traveled to Japan during spring break to prepare for the course.

India's Forsaken (Summer 2012)

Eleven student journalists traveled through India to report on issues within the country. Leading the group of students were University of Nebraska–Lincoln professors Bruce Thorson and Scott Winter and assistant Brian Lehmann. Watch a preview of their work here.

Democratic National Convention (Summer 2012)

A team of students traveled to Charlotte, N.C., to cover the host city's preparations for the Democratic National Convention. Students put their multimedia storytelling skills and social media skills to work in both journalistic storytelling and PR and marketing strategies. Leading the group of students were University of Nebraska–Lincoln professors Jerry Renaud and Phil Willet.

Past Study Abroad Blogs

The CoJMC study abroad program began in 2006 with a $20,000 Cooper Foundation grant to develop international activities in the college. The grant was doubled with a match from an anonymous donor. The first college sponsored study abroad class was a five-week course taught in Paris, France, that combined French language learning with media studies.

Moscow/Sochi, Russia

Students and faculty traveled to Moscow and Sochi, Russia, for a two-week mobile news and advertising class in summer 2011. UNL worked with two universities: Moscow State University and the State University for Tourism and Research on the Sochi campus.

Digital Media India

Eighteen UNL journalism and advertising students went to New Delhi, Agra and Locknow, India, to write, take photos and shoot video from July 16 through 31, 2011.

Southeast Asia

UNL professors Sriyani and Tom Tidball took students to Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka in 2011 and 2010. Students wrote blogs and posted photographs/videos about their experiences.




A group of 19 students and two instructors from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln embarked on a journey of a lifetime in summer 2010. They traveled to Kyoto and Tokyo on a short-term study abroad trip to learn about Japanese Visual Culture in Context. The purpose of the blog was to document their experiences, thoughts, and ideas about how visual culture works in Japan and how it differs from the United States.

Mexico, Cozumel, Mexico, and Costa Rica

UNL professor Phyllis Larsen has led four work-study trips to Spanish-speaking countries to examine the role of mass media in developing countries.
     In 2010 students traveled to Costa Rica, a country that Reporters Without Borders describes freedom of the press as "fairly free."
     In 2009 students studied in Cozumel because the H1N1 travel warning did not affect the island. Cozumel is a laboratory of cross-cultural communication. The small town feel and somewhat isolated environment made this an ideal place to examine the role of mass media in a developing country.
Larsen led two other study abroad trips to Mexico in 2008 and 2007.

South Africa

Students lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, for three weeks in 2008 to document the trials and tribulations for refugees fleeing from a collapsing economy in Zimbabwe. What they found in Johannesburg wasn't as welcoming as they had hoped because of the many xenophobic attacks. Why? They were foreigners. 


Kosovo adopted a declaration of independence on 17 February 2008, seeking both its independence from Serbia and a place in the European Union. Students traveled to the world's newest nation in March 2008. Through world aid, privatization of the economy and independence, the young and positive ethnic Albanian people hoped to overcome the scars of 60 percent unemployment, environmental catastrophe and civil war.

International Media: Germany Study Abroad

Germany, the third largest economy in the world, is one of this country's most important trading partner and political ally. This course explored issues modern Germany faces in a globalized world from a professional media perspective. Students met with journalists, advertising agencies, and a variety of media outlets in the creative heart of Germany, Berlin, as well as Munich, the home of many of Germany's major film studios.
     Professor Frauke Hachtmann led trips to Germany in 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006.

Digital Photography for non-journalism majors in France

The opportunity to experience the world through photography has been the fascination of many travelers, students, journalists and ethnographers since the development of portable cameras.
     Professor Luis Peon-Casanova took students to southern France in 2007 and again in 2008.

AUC-QU Boot Camp

Two UNL students were selected for the AUC-QU boot camp in 2008 and 2009. Lisa Munger and Chris Rosacker were one of 12 American journalism students to be paired with 12 Arab journalism students for a three-week boot camp based at the Kamal Adham Center for Journalism Training & Research in Cairo, Egypt, and Qatar University. The joint US-Arab reporting teams produced stories from site visits and briefings in Cairo and Qatar. The first 10 days of the boot camp was based in Cairo, a city that is the historic heart of Arab politics. Students and faculty traveled to Qatar, a rising new power in the Gulf, for 10 days of seminars. 

Photojournalism Blogs

The college's $2 million photojournalism endownment funds student travel twice each year. Students learn to work as true "in-the-field" reporters. They upload photos, write blogs and create slideshows and videos on location. Upon return students prepare photos for exhibitions and produce a full color photography book.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (May 2013)

• Andrew Dickinson
• Kaylee Everly
• Stacie Hecker
• Allison Hess • Kay Kemmet
• Adam Pribil
• Anna Reed
• Faiz Siddiqui
• Brianna Soukup
• Morgan Spiehs
• Cara Wilwerding
• Shelby Wolfe

Sao Paolo, Brazil (2012-2013)
• Kat Buchanan
• Andrew Dickinson
• Kaylee Everly
• Nickolai Hammar
• Matthew Masin
• Anna Reed
• Bethany Schmidt
• Brianna Soukup
• Morgan Spiehs
• Cara Wilwerding

India's Forsaken (2012)
• Jon Augustine
• Andrew Dickinson
• Kaylee Everly
• Nickolai Hammar
• Dan Holtmeyer
• Matthew Masin
• Sarah Miller
• Anna Reed
• Bethany Schmidt
• Morgan Spiehs
• Frannie Sprouls

Traveling Kyrgyzstan

Documenting migrant farm workers in the Neb. Panhandle
(2011 )

UNL in Kazakhstan (2010)

  • Travis Beck
  • Kyle Bruggeman
  • Andrew Dickinson
  • Elizabeth Gamez
  • Megan Nichols
  • Sarah Tenorio

Searching for the Real Nebraska:
A Photo Essay on the Great Recession (2009)

Kosovo's Hope: Stories of Renewal & Despair in an Independent Nation (2008)